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Who we are?

We are Mybestclick and we are pretty awesome since 2009.

Mybestclick mission is to create and maintain a CPA based affiliate network by recruiting affiliates, both existing and new, and supporting them technically and practically in their marketing campaigns to drive quality converting traffic to our advertisers websites to earn sales commissions. It is our intention to build CPA Affiliates Network into a global affiliate network promoting a wide range of quality offers from recognized advertisers through our affiliates around the world.

We are a company of talented like-minded people, who are in love with stunning ads, quality traffic and multi-aspect visual analytics. Join us! We have a strong experience in the online advertising industry and take pride in our innovative advertising and affiliate marketing. We can provide the most intelligent solutions for buying and selling verified video, search and display. Mobile advertising across devices is also the easiest.

Join now to become a part of the CPA Affiliates Network community and start benefitting from our extensive support network to build your affiliate marketing business.

Advertisers & Agencies

This is just a sample of what you'll find working with us.

Branding & Performance

Combine both branding and performance actions in order to maximize your online investment.

Advanced Targeting

We offer the latest in targeting capabilities to reach the right audience: country, language, browser, OS, device ..

Pricing Models

Mybestclick Advertising supports several pricing models all based on performance: CPA, CPI, CPL and CPS

Reach your KPIs

Algorithmic and manual real time campaign optimization by our Account Managers.

Anti Fraud System

Multiple click-fraud, impression-fraud and conversion-fraud detection mechanisms

Support & Feedback

Dedicated account managers will take care of your needs.

Affiliates & Publishers

One company multiple solutions

Exclusive Offers

Whatever you want to promote, we have it: sweepstakes, mobile content, dating...

Highest Payouts

Exclusive conditions thanks to our direct collaboration with advertisers.

Exclusive Tools

No matter what kind of script or ad format you need. We can develop it for you.

On-time Payments

On-time payments by Wire and Paypal. Ask for our VIP conditions if you are a big affiliate or publisher.

Dedicated Support

Our account managers speak English, Portugues, Turkish, Greek, Serbian, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian

Do you have a website?

Contact us here and send us your website details. If your site meets our requirements we will contact you back.

Why Us ?

As your business grows & evolves, your technology & processes can quickly start to lag behind – creating inefficiencies, frustration, and waste. These hurt your bottom line

  • As digital CPA’s, we don’t just care about your numbers. For us are also important the software and the systems that deliver them. And we will make sure that these never will lag behind, but gonna stay right ahead of the game.

  • Our in-depth understanding of technology, combined with our passion to be the best in the business means that we have the know-how and we can do the whole nine yards to take your business forward.

  • "Without good software and processes, it’s hard to get the information you need, to make the decisions you need in time to seize opportunities and avoid calamity” – Petar Ivanov, founder

What do we provide?

Mobile and Desktop

Video, Banner, Full Screen Interstitial Ads - we got them all! A variety of creative advertising to effectively reach your worldwide audience


MYBESTCLICK works with top Brand Advertisers and connects them with the right audiences using highly targeted prime time ads and engaging interactive users

Well documented

Real time Reporting - Get rich insights into your traffic and revenues data as it happens


MYBESTCLICK works with leading Performance Advertisers and is the leading app discovery platform for user acquisition and engagement


MYBESTCLICK works with global Game and App Developers with world wide inventory and helps them monetize their rewarded ad inventory


Be global, speak local. Reach users in their language of choice.

Own tracking system

Cloud-based In-house tracking platform

Expert Support

A dedicated mobile expert to help get the most out of your traffic sources


Petar Ivanov


Steliyan Ivanov

Head of Department

Jonas Jardim

Team Leader

Any Simonova

Account Manager

Pooja Dhuri

Account Manager

Tanya Dimitrova

Account Manager

Nikolay Georgiev

Account Manager

Alexander Marinov

Account Manager

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Tech guys

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